Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Industrial Surveillance

Resilient video surveillance infrastructure is a must for industrial businesses to monitor high-risk production operations and to ensure employee safety within the premises. Whether it is an oil rig, a seaport, or a manufacturing facility, LigoWave’s got you [...]

Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Business Surveillance

Whether the project involves a storage complex, a hotel resort, or any other business, the best way of monitoring operations, managing workflows, and ensuring security—all at the same time—is video surveillance. LigoWave offers a wide array of wireless [...]

LigoWave Elevator Solution

When establishing security, institutions and businesses should leave no stone unturned in covering all of their bases. For this reason, LigoWave has come up with a simplified solution to introducing video surveillance into elevators.

RapidFire Link in Taiwan’s Mountains

Chung-Hwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan’s leading telecommunications company, has taken upon itself to deliver reliable high-speed connectivity to the hard-to-reach places located on the mountain area of the island.

Taking the complexity out of guest Wi-Fi management

LigoWave explains how small-to-medium-sized businesses can bring marketing and analytics to the next level—the partnership between LigoWave and Cloud4Wi has ensured complete compatibility between Infinity Access Points and the Volare Guest Wi-Fi Platform. Learn more in this LigoBlog entry!

LigoPTMP case study. China Petroleum

LigoWave devices continue to make their way into the oil industry! China Petroleum has set up a surveillance system on its premises using Full-HD cameras and LigoBASE/SU wireless base stations and CPEs. Check out the case study!

Advanced LigoWave training in Shenzhen

Last month the advanced LigoWave training course was held in Shenzhen, China. In case you were wondering if this training course was any different from our regular training events, we can answer you by telling more about it. […]