Case Study: Thames Valley College

Case Study: Thames Valley College

The Thames Valley College The Thames Valley College is an international coeducational secondary school, opened in September 2013 and offering a combined Nigerian/British curriculum. Located in a remote area in the Sagamu District, Ogun State, Nigeria, the 35-acre [...]

Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Traffic Surveillance

Wireless surveillance provides the tools needed for transportation and law enforcement authorities to monitor traffic congestion, register accidents, and identify speeding vehicles. Ensure a reliable and secure network by setting it up based on LigoWave wireless outdoor solutions [...]

Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Industrial Surveillance

Resilient video surveillance infrastructure is a must for industrial businesses to monitor high-risk production operations and to ensure employee safety within the premises. Whether it is an oil rig, a seaport, or a manufacturing facility, LigoWave’s got you [...]

Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Business Surveillance

Whether the project involves a storage complex, a hotel resort, or any other business, the best way of monitoring operations, managing workflows, and ensuring security—all at the same time—is video surveillance. LigoWave offers a wide array of wireless [...]

LigoWave Elevator Solution

When establishing security, institutions and businesses should leave no stone unturned in covering all of their bases. For this reason, LigoWave has come up with a simplified solution to introducing video surveillance into elevators.

RapidFire Link in Taiwan’s Mountains

Chung-Hwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan’s leading telecommunications company, has taken upon itself to deliver reliable high-speed connectivity to the hard-to-reach places located on the mountain area of the island.

Taking the complexity out of guest Wi-Fi management

LigoWave explains how small-to-medium-sized businesses can bring marketing and analytics to the next level—the partnership between LigoWave and Cloud4Wi has ensured complete compatibility between Infinity Access Points and the Volare Guest Wi-Fi Platform. Learn more in this LigoBlog entry!

LigoPTMP case study. China Petroleum

LigoWave devices continue to make their way into the oil industry! China Petroleum has set up a surveillance system on its premises using Full-HD cameras and LigoBASE/SU wireless base stations and CPEs. Check out the case study!